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Financial Freedom Course

We’re delighted to host Jeff Lestz, CEO of Genistar and Stewardship Pastor of Hillsong London. Read more about the event here.

Jeff Lestz - YouTube

CoronaVirus 2019 – Our Faith at this time

Welcome to Harvest Chapel International Nottingham

2020 has brought a new experience to us in the form of COVID19. This is a new disease which is challenging our ever more connected society.

We are following the advice of the UK Government about social distancing, urging our members to keep washing hands, and self-isolate if/when they become symptomatic.

We continue to have our dynamic service, but we are meeting online now. If you would like to join, please contact us.

Our faith will get us through this challenge. Each member is encouraged to partake in the holy communion every day, and anoint themselves and their homes. We will be preserved through it all, as surely as the Israelites in the land of Goshen during the plague.

Our faith is strong, is renewed, because we are reminded that God is our healer. Through the stripes of Jesus we are healed, and this disease, however new, is still subject to the power of God.

Finally we ask that you continue in confession of Psalm 91 & 23 and keep praying for yourselves, your loved ones and those working hard at the front lines and in the lab for wisdom. Remember Chronicles 7:14 says if we humble ourselves and pray – He will heal the land. 

Please see this page for additional information about our online church, and plans for returning to church.

Message from the Senior Pastor

I wish to personally welcome you to Harvest International Ministries UK and the network of Harvest Chapels. These are santuaries where God is always doing a new thing.

Enjoy your time of fellowship with us and should you want to speak to me or any member of the Board of Trustees or the Pastoral Leadership Team, please do not hesitate to contact us.


At Harvest Chapel International, we have a passion for the development and empowerment of all people. We share the love of Christ as evidenced by His death on the cross, His power evidenced by resurrection and manifestation in our lives, and the blessed life as evidenced through our daily walk with him.

We have a broad range of ministries, ages, cultures, and need. Rest assured you will find a home in this church.

Pastor Yorm

Connect with us

We’d love to meet with you at our next meeting. You can visit our weekly Bible study meetings, cell group meetings, or join us on Sunday morning for weekly service.

There are a great number of Ministries at Harvest. These ministries cut across all facets of life from business to social, singing to acting, spiritual to physical and many more. As you go through the various ministries, it is our hope that you will join one or more these ministries to become more fruitful in Lord’s vineyard.