Harvest Resource Centre, Nottingham


All who enter in will be blessed:  empowered, satisfied and fulfilled.

This, our Harvest Resource Centre, is a Solution Centre.

Pastor Yorm Kemovor – Visioneer

Main Services

The HRC has been instituted to provide high value/impact and support to the local community in various facets of life.

This vision for the Harvest Resource Centre is summarised as follows (5Rs).

Rebuilding the old waste places

Restoring the paths to dwell in

Repairing the breaches

Raising the foundation of many generations

Reconciling men to God

In delivery of this vision, the centre provides the following key services


We provide targeted/focused training in several areas. This includes short courses such as

  • Microsoft Office
  • Office administrators
  • English for non-native speakers
  • Starting a business
  • Changing careers

We also have links with local businesses, allowing us to provide

Longer training typically lasts a year and includes the following structured courses:

  • Music technology and production
  • Musical Instruments – Piano, Guitar and Drums


Coffee & Chat

We provide opportunities for people to meet together and talk over a hot beverage and some pastry. We provide 2 free coffee mornings every week .


These events are often hosted by a (Christian) stand-up comedian to bring some extra excitement to the morning.


Recovery & Support

We provide support for recovery for all sorts of addictions including substance abuse, and technology abuse. We utilise proven methods and have an onsite occupational psychologist to help advise special cases.


We also contract a small multi-skilled team to assist with Financial and legal issues such as immigration and debt management.

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