Our Ministries

Our ministry teams provide support through diverse gifts to support the work of the ministry. 


Prayer Team

  • Dedicated to standing in the gap and praying for the community
  • Lead the church in all prayer related activities

Music Team

  • The choir leads the church in song
  • Lead Witness-In-The-Square
  • Write songs

Welfare Team

  • Look after visitors and new members
  • Provide refreshments after church events
  • Supporting members and non-members who require additional support

Couples United

  • Our joint expression of love expressed in holy matrimony
  • Provides a safe environment for young couples to grow

Men of Vision and Evangelism

  • All men above the age of 25 years
  • Lead evangelism activities
  • Support the delivery of the vision of the church

Daughters of Zion

  • All women above 25 years
  • Lead women-focussed activities