Bible Study 23/04/2021

Financial Dominion III

 Deuteronomy  8:18  (AMPC) But  you  shall  [earnestly]  remember  the  Lord  your  God,  for  it  is  He  Who  gives you  power  to  get  wealth,  that  He  may  establish  His  covenant  which  He  swore to  your  fathers,  as  it  is  this  day.

Financial Dominion – Investing for the future

 “1Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you. 2But divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks might lie ahead. 3When clouds are heavy, the rains come down. Whether a tree falls north or south, it stays where it falls. 4Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” – Eccl 11:1-4 NLT.

From the scripture above, we see God’s desire for believers to invest in a diversified way. For us to dominate in our finances, there is a need to get out of debt, save and begin to invest for the future and even be able to leave an inheritance for our children and children’s children. One of the most important principles to financial dominion is giving. Indeed, giving is an investment where you receive a good measure of returns, pressed down, shaken together and running over (Luke 8:36). It is therefore important to strive to implement the 3Ps of giving in our lives.

  1. Priority Giving (where you prioritize God’s plans and instructions and allow God to influence your monthly budget)
  2. Percentage Giving (committing to give a percentage of your income to support the work of the church, charities, family and friends).
  3. Progressive Giving (Progressively increasing the percentage you give over the years as the Lord blesses you).

Take some time to think about these questions and what your current perspective is. What should be the Christian’s approach to savings, investing and giving? Is saving for future needs Biblical in the sense that one is storing up riches for himself? Is this not covetousness? Should we budget, avoid debt, and save regularly in order to enjoy greater wealth for giving and spending later in life? Does God approve us saving and investing for the future while there are people in need around us? Will it not be like having the ability to do good and turning a deaf ear? (cf: 1Jo 3:17; Pro 3:27) Does saving honour God? Is it possible to wisely save and invest for the future while also being “rich toward God” by “storing up treasures in heaven?” Does saving and investing wisely enable us to be better prepared and positioned to respond more quickly and perhaps in a more significant way to people’s needs?

The following scriptures would give us some biblical perspectives to the questions above and practical strategies on saving, investing and giving. As you spend time to read at them, it is our prayer that God will shape your perspective and help you take dominion over your finances today!

Saving & Investing: Pro 6:6-11; Gen 41:34-36; 1 Cor 16:2; Prov. 30:24; Prov 13:11; Pro 31:10–31; Mat 25:14–30; Luk 19:11-27; Pro 21:5, 20; Jer 32:6-17; Ecl 11:11-6; Prov 13:22.

Giving: Mat 6:3-4; Act 20:35; Pro 11:24-27; Pro 3:9-10, 27; Mal 3:8-10; 2Co 9:7; 2Co 8:1-7; Pro 11:24-25; Luk 6:38; 1Ti 6:17-19; Pro 19:17; Luk 6:30; Pro 11:15; Lev 27:30-32; Mat 10:42.